5 Best Monster Games Like Monster Hunter

games like monster hunter

Monster Hunter is one of the best game franchises ever created. This monster filled game is created by Capcom and numerous games have been released since its first launch in 2004. The newest Monster Hunter game called Monster Hunter: World, is set to be release on Jan 26th 2018. This newest action RPG game can be played alone or with up to 4 other players online on Xbox One and PlayStation4. Monster Hunter features a world that breaths life. You will find a ton of differnet locations in this game and your expeditions are bound to bring up some pretty discoveries and treasures, just be careful, the Monster Hunter world is filled with… monsters.

In this game, you must hunt for wanted beasts and fine them on your own. Each kill adds that monster to your collection. Your goal is to collect them all. Some monsters in this game can be trained to help you alone the way. As you trek through the wilderness you will find yourself on a mission to uncover the secret behind the Elder Crossing. If you need help, you will find diverse arsenal and indispensable partners. You will also be able to visit villages and towns that are home to researchers, technicians, and other hunters. Ask questions and manage your inventory well. You can’t afford to run out of or break something when you’re far from a shop. The breathtaking visuals and numerous quests and discoveries in this game will blow your mind. If you like this type of game that requires you to travel, seek, and battle, you’ll love these other games like Monster Hunter below. Enjoy!

My Singing Monsters

Created by Big Blue Bubble and launched in 2012, My Singing Monsters is a Canadian video game for all ages. This addition to our list of best monster games similar to Monster Hunter was first released on iOS but it’s now available to play on Android, browser and PlayStation Vita. In My Singing Monsters, you need to collect and breed a whole lot of different monsters, some are more unique than others. The monsters you collect in this game each have their own musical note. Place them on your map to create a musical symphony. Complete quests to earn coins for new monsters, new objects, and new locations. This game is played in real time and doesn’t require any special gaming skills, all you need to play My Singing Monsters is a love for music and a little imagination.

Lost Planet

This third person shooter game first launched in 2006 with a later edition being released in 2013. Lost Planet was created by Capcom and Spark Unlimited. This addition to our list of alternatives to Monster Hunter is one of top monster killing games on our list. Lost Planet can be played on Xbox, Nintendo, Windows and PlayStation. This game follows a protagonist on a planet in the middle an ice age. You must learn to survive and fight your way through hoards of alien invaders. Lost Planet has a multiplayer and a single player mode and various other modes like time trial battles, score attacks, and unlimited modes. All of the games in the Lost Planet series are sequential so start with the first one to understand the whole story.

Freedom Wars

Freedom Wars is an action role playing game created exclusively for PlayStation Vita. This addition to our list of monster games is the best recommendation for our monster games online. Freedom Wars was created in Japan by SCE Japan Studio and Sony Computer Entertainment and it launched in 2014. You can play Freedom Wars alone or with others online. This game is set in the distant future and you will notice that humankind is mostly imprisoned, your job in Freedom Wars is to fight your way out of the prisons called Panopticons. This third person battle action game features a ton of scary monsters and a grappling storyline worth viewing.


Our list of monster games like Monster Hunter must include Bloodborne. Bloodborne is a game that was released in 2015 and it can only be played on PlayStation4. This monster action role playing game can be played in single and multiplayer mode. Bloodborne is developed by FromSoftware and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. This cool game is set in a decrepit Gothic, Victorian era. In Bloodborne, you control The Hunter. The inhabitants around you have been infected by a vampire like virus. Your job in this game is to travel through towns and vast countrysides to discover the cure before it’s too late. Along the way, you will be faced with dangerous foes so prepare for your travels wisely.

Dragomon Hunter

This last addition to our list is Dragomon Hunter. Dragomon Hunter is one of the best monster collecting games and one of the best monster breeding games on our list. This game developed by X-Legend and published by Aeria Games can only be played on Windows. This anime MMORPG doesn’t have a solo mode, you must play with others online in multiplayer. Dragomon Hunter is set in a fantasy world called Wyveria. The Dragomons have ruled the area for a long time. Your job in this game is to search for special crystals that allow you to defeat and capture the monsters. Choose from one of four classes to get started. These classes include cleric, mage, mercenary, and scout. Some of the Dragomons that you collect can become your companions to help you on your quest.

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